Digital Power Regulator Switch and Low-voltage Alarm


B402    Digital Power Regulator Switch and Low-voltage Alarm

Features :

Linear High Precision Regulator system (No switching Noise generated)
Digital Controlled Electrical (MOSFET) Power Switching System.
3steps Low voltage sound and visual warning indicators.
Specifications :
Input voltage Range : 6V - 9V DC (2cell Lipoly or Lion battery pack)
Output voltage : 6V DC
Output Current : 10Amp (Peak 20Amp)
Low voltage warning :
         7.2V slow speed warning
         6.6V midium speed warning

       6.0V fast warning


How to use :
  1.  connect with 7.4V battery
  2.  put down switch on 2 seconds, power on.
  3.  in use, if down into  7V, it comes 'Beepee' and
                  lamp is lighting at the same time.
  4.  if down into 6.6V, it comes 'Beepee'  often.
  5.  If down less 6.0V, it comes 'Beepee' very often.
  6.  It's needed to charge battery in case of 3,4,5.
  7.  If off switch, Put down the botton for 2 seconds.
  8.  Max. current is 20Amp,  possible for 8 servos.